Naked & Tarte

Naked & Tarte

Ok…so I am a huge fan of following makeup artists on Instagram.  The past year, I have stumbled across tutorials involving the Naked Palette from Urban Decay and Cheek Stain by Tarte.  I disregarded them, because a) I felt I had a bazillion eyeshadows just like the palette and b) I was never a fan of cheek stain in the past due to the sticky feel.  When I made my weekly trip to Ulta here, I found myself drawn to these particular products. Should I buy them? Will I use them? Don’t I have products exactly like them?  After about 2 hours of staring and testing I finally caved and purchased them.  Let me just say…what fabulous products!!!!

The Naked Palette has some absolutely beautiful eyeshadows.  It includes matte and glitter-y which I highly appreciate (as I get older, I find myself liking matte in my crease).  A few names of the shadows include: virgin, sin, naked, sidecar, hustle, and creep. Ummm…what awesome f*cking names. However, it doesn’t stop there.  The colors apply SO smoothly. I seriously fell in love with everything from the names to the how well the product actually worked!

The packaging of the palette is the icing on the cake.  Chocolate brown velvet. Nothing says sexy like those three words. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Naked Palette 2.  I’m pretty sure that between these two palettes I’ll be set for life!

The Tarte Cheek Stain that is pictured is the “Natural Cheek Stain.”  There are a few other colors (pinks, corals, magenta), but I felt this one went best with my skin tone.  The product seems a little deceiving at first.  When first applied, it’s bright red.  However, just use your fingers to rub in and it instantly turns into a dewy flush color.  It looks phenomenal with very little makeup on, because your skin looks like it has a healthy glow.  I also tested this cheek stain with my nighttime makeup and it added just the right amount of color to my cheeks without drawing attention from my eye makeup.  Another bonus?  This cheek stain has multiple benefits. It has natural pigments, natural fragrance, and it’s antioxidant rich. I definitely want to scoop up the magenta or coral colors after how awesome the natural color worked.


Here are the links to the Ulta site, but can also be found elsewhere on the web. I’m only posting the Ulta site, because that is the store that I had purchased them at. If you get the chance, do yourself a favor and treat your face to these two items.  You will not regret how amazing they’ll make you feel 🙂

Tarte Cheek Stain:

Naked Palette 1:


Bridgette Colette with Naked Palette


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